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Career in insurance for future talents

The career in insurance for future talents

This article has been written  by

Md. Khaled Mamun, 
M.Sc, M.Demo, DDP, ABIA, ACII (London),
Chief Executive Officer, Reliance Insurance Limited


Every industry, by and large, can bloom in the era of globalization through capitalization of talents at its disposal. It typically endeavors to acquire a segment of the country’s talent with the tailor-made uplifting and promoting of its images to the young generation and their influencers – family, friends, and mentors.

Afterward the fresher is acquainted with the particular career during the internship or work-experience placement so as to provide them with the actual understanding of the profession in question. And insurance is no exception in this regard. Let’s delve into the title (Insurance as a Career for the Future Talents) of this article in more elaboration in the ensuing paragraph.

Career in insurance

Contemporary State of Insurance Sector

What we see in the contemporary insurance sector of Bangladesh is the ever-prevailing negativism, the acute shortage of insurance technical manpower, and the unethical as well as unprofessional practices in the management.

The current industry is considered to be a dull and boring one which ultimately results in the creation of indifference among the young generation to this noble profession. Due to this fact, the insurance institutions are getting the less meritorious group of the graduates as its future leaders.

Global Nature of Insurance Business

Thus, insurance being a business of global natures faces much technical impediment, since its inception, in operating with its international counterparts. The financial experts go on saying that a nation’s insurance sector can, in no way, run in a happy-go-lucky approach. So, the issue deserves immediate dealings in the greater interest of the land.

A professional career in insurance for the future talent of Bangladesh is, nowadays, promising than ever before with the huge unexplored potentials. It essentially has a lot to offer to the youth upon whom the success of this very financial sector of the nation fundamentally banks.

In parallel, the soundness of the financial services market of a developing country like ours undoubtedly rests with the strengthening as well as enabling roles played by the insurance industry as a whole.

For that reason, the real challenges lie in attracting a segment of the meritorious through the necessary promotion of insurance as a promising financial profession among the young people at the schools, colleges, universities. Thus the global nature of reinsurance requires some specific procedures to be followed in course of doing reinsurance from overseas re-insurers.


Career Versus Profession in Human Life

The Term ‘career’ means the job or series of jobs that a person does during his or her working life, especially those related to that person’s occupation. The students in Bangladesh enjoy a few career options to choose from.

In practice, the students habitually don’t have any career plan and enter the job market/profession without having the required level of qualifications. Thus, they cannot contribute to the nation’s advancement to that much extent as desired.

The term ‘profession’ literally means any type of work which needs special training or a particular skill, often one which is respected because it involves a high level of education. The performance of a particular professional job requires the qualification, experiences, and skills set by the respective professional body.

Career in insurance for future talents

Insurance as a profession

Insurance, a prosperous route to financial professional career inevitably requires a certain level of professional skills which is lacking, so far as observed, in the majority portion of our insurance professionals partly because there is no insurance education in our curriculum and mainly because there is no compulsion for qualifying insurance examination from the employer group. Consequently, the standard of the insurance services in the country remains below the mark and the insurance profession has not been so far promoted and dignified in the last 40 years or so.

Looking into the status of insurance professionals in the developed countries, the opposite picture is seen since there are expertise and professionalism among the insurance practitioners. Accordingly, the insurance contribution to GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in the UK and in India is respectively 11.8% and 4.1% whereas the rate in Bangladesh is 0.9% (0.7% in life and 0.2% non-life insurance business).

Under these circumstances, it is evident that the lack of suitable promotion and professional skills among the insurance-men are the root of the prevailing dull scenario. Provided that the professional development is focused with due emphasis on the promotion of the insurance profession, the overall image of the insurance industry would move to a better height and be next door to banking sector which has remarkably bloomed in the last two decades.



The suitable promotion of the insurance profession worldwide and particularly in Bangladesh will have a healing effect on the Insurance sector of the country paving the way for a healthy economy through its creative as well as innovative insurance services. The practical reasons for promoting the insurance profession worldwide are as follows:

  • Technical advantages for the insurance companies:

Insurance being the intangible products requires soft skills in its production, distribution, and marketing. The skills of the insurance professionals have the direct effect on the product designs, product promotions, sales and revenue generation for the stakeholders through this financial activity. The well-trained professionals can avoid unnecessary hassle in the insurance operation smoothing the paths.


  • Exporting insurance professional and creating employment home and abroad

The creation of skilled insurance professional can open the new horizon for the employment home and abroad. The professionalism will results in the excellent consumers’ services in the financial sector.

The export of financially skilled professional is much more profitable for a country like Bangladesh. The skilled expatriates from Bangladesh will be contributing more to our economy earning higher remittance along with upholding the image of the country to the world.

  • Prudent underwriting of the risks:

Underwriting, in its simpler form, is the process of shouldering the financial liability of the policyholder arising out of an unforeseen event by the insurance company in exchange for the premiums.

For this reason, the success of an insurance enterprise solely rests with the success of the underwriting practices mainly because no amount of premium for a risk can compensate the worse claim scenario.

Moreover; in the recent past, the underwriting profit has become the corrective tool for the corporate management due to the worldwide deterioration of the insurance claim ratio. Here is the necessity of professional skills of a prudent underwriter.

With respect to reinsurance, the overseas reinsures usually charge higher reinsurance premium if they assume poor underwriting practices in the concerned insurance company since professional underwriting reduces the chances of claims being made to them.


  • Better Management of Reinsurance Portfolio:

Reinsurance being the business of insuring the risks of an insurance company is to be handled with exact adroitness. The required level of knowledge and skills blended with practical experiences is a must in the handling of a reinsurance portfolio.

All a re-insurance professional does is the placement of re-insurable business through treaty and/or facultative arrangement, negotiating reinsurance program with professional reinsurers, managing of financial transactions, and the recovery of claim amount from reinsurers. So the better execution of the above jobs needs expert professionals.


  • Improved standard of risk management for the steady economy

The promotion of insurance as a profession can lead to the development of a standard of risk management in the country. The improved standard of risk perceptions will result in the reduction of the insured event happening, and frequency of insurance claims, which in the long run lead the ways for the advancement of the insurance market.

Additionally, the benefit of risk management is far-reaching in the business world, especially in the RMG sector where the EU and the USA based buyer groups are pressing hand for improved risk management in the garment factories. The overall development of the risk management will bring prosperity to the country.


  • Ensuring professionalism in the companies’ corporate management

The news of misappropriation of fund, delay in the settlement of insurance claims, lack of good governance in the management, pervades the media. The acute shortage of the duly trained insurance professional is opening the back-doors for fraudsters. There is less possibility of committing frauds in presence of many knowledgeable and professional people. Nowadays in Bangladesh, some corporate mal-practice may results in license cancellation by the Insurance Development Regulatory Authority (IDRA), the insurance regulator in Bangladesh.


  • Ensuring professional services for policyholders and stakeholders

One of the dominant factors for not attaining the due success by the insurance companies in Bangladesh is the out-dated standard of services. Providing professional services to the customers through skilled personnel can make a differing outcome. There lie the needs of professional people in insurance in the near future of the sector.


  • Opportunity for online freelancing in insurance services

The students with insurance knowledge can also serve online through freelancing websites as there is the demand for insurance related jobs. In the western countries, insurance companies are prone to the online outsourcing of various types of traditional operational activities due to the cost-benefit since there is the little requirement of fixed-paid salaried employees in the outsourcing programme.

  • Improved insurance marketing skills leading to lead generation

Like other intangible products in the financial market, the successful lead generation of the insurance products largely banks upon the knowledge as well as presentation skill of the serviceman concerned in the sale negotiation.

If there is any shortage in presenting the insurance products to the prospective buyers, the sales may be, in some case, unfeasible as the insurance companies are providing the customer with the document of promise for indemnifying in the risk event. So, the professional skill is a requisite for the successful sale of insurance products.

The summary:

To sum up, we can arrive at the conclusion that at least a tiny percentage of the world’s talents can take insurance into account as a way of life. It will in return provide the promising students with both financial means and dignity. It is high time government concerned adopt necessary measures to attract talents for this promising financial sector not only to serve but also to lead the insurance sector of Bangladesh.




Abdul Kadir ACII
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